Life at
Truss Vet.

At Truss Vet, the quality of life of our staff is every bit as important as that of the patients we treat. If you’re interested in defining a new category of veterinary medicine at the ground level, or you like the idea of working for a company focused on changing the world, then we’d love for you to join us.

Our team is the engine
that changes lives.

We believe the most important investment we can make is an investment in our people. We think in decades, not years, and we’re working to build an incredible place to work. And to do that, we need your help!


Job opportunities.

Life at Truss Vet includes industry-leading benefits, which we intend to expand as our company grows. Some of our benefits include:

Health, dental, vision
Competitive pay
Continuing education stipend
State-of-the-art clinic,
equipment & workflow
Supportive team culture
Flexible week schedule
Build your 401k
Healthy Work/life Balance
Personal Pet Care Discounts
Our doctors are best in breed. With 12+ years of continuous schooling in pursuit of a lifelong passion for helping animals, they are experts in animal health. Our doctors have participated in groundbreaking medical research, published in peer-reviewed journals, spoken as lecturers at conferences, and slept next to their patient’s cages. Our doctors are some of the most dedicated, compassionate, and talented professionals we’ve ever encountered.
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Our registered veterinary nurses are essential to the Truss Vet team. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, they are involved in every step of your pet’s care. At Truss Vet, we ensure seamless communication and complete continuity of care by having the same tech that greets you and manages your pet’s care throughout your visit. Our technicians are precisely trained, so your experience is as enjoyable as possible. We don’t just hire the best; we inspire the best by empowering our technicians to grow, supporting their continuing education and other professional endeavors throughout their tenure in our clinic.
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At Truss Vet, we work as a team to pursue our mission. Our veterinary nursing assistants work to support both our doctors and techs. They participate in everything from gentle restraint to ensuring every drawer is fully stocked with “Truss Treats” or life-saving medical supplies. Veterinary assistants may have “behind the scenes” jobs in other vet clinics, but there are no unsung heroes at Truss Vet. We are lucky to employ passionate assistants who are as committed to your pets as you are.
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Our client care coordinators ensure a seamless flow in our continuous waitlist to ensure your pet gets seen quickly and efficiently. From answering questions online or over the phone to dropping in during your appointment to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience, our client care coordinators do everything with the utmost compassion and attention to detail. We know that urgent care can be stressful for you, your pet, and the team, so our client care coordinators are there to ensure everyone has a great experience.
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At Truss Vet, our practice managers are our chief cheerleaders. They ensure every team member is in the right seat to get the most out of their work experience. They are accountable to their teams, providing the appropriate resources to succeed. They ensure their teams are leveraged to direct their energies and passions where their skills are best utilized to improve client care and pet health.
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Join Us.

Just because we’re not advertising an open position doesn’t mean we’re not interested in hearing from you or anyone you think might be a great fit for our team. Please shoot us a note and tell us why you’d like to be part of the Truss Vet team!