Most Popular Dog Parks in Cary

January 20, 2023

Dog parks can be a fun way for your dog to socialize with other dogs, get some energy out, and explore new sights and sounds. It’s also nice for your pup to enjoy some time off-leash, particularly if you don’t have a backyard at home. Here are some of the most popular off-leash dog parks located in Cary:

The Town of Cary maintains two dog parks, with a third coming to the downtown Cary area in 2023. They both feature five-foot high chain link fence with screening, paved entrances, and electronic gate. You’ll also find lighted areas for small dogs and for large dogs, wood chips for ground cover, benches, water stations, and a pet cleanup area. Poop bags are complimentary, but it never hurts to come prepared.

Cary Dog Park at Robert V. Godbold Park

Cary Dog Park at Jack Smith Park

The Barkyard at the Downtown Cary Park (Coming 2023): Will feature separate play areas for small and large dogs, natural shade, play mounds, and water features with multiple types of ground coverings: artificial turf, concrete, gravel, and mulch.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to register and become a member in order to access the Town of Cary’s dog parks. Details available here. There are also more than two dozen parks in Cary that are fun to take your pet on-leash!

TRUSS VET TIPS: Keep in mind that most dog parks will have rules and regulations that you must adhere to, and you should be prepared to 1) clean up after your dog, 2) take responsibility for any damage caused by your dog, and 3) ensure that your dog behaves well with other dogs. It’s unlikely, but in the event that your pup experiences a minor injury at the park, don’t hesitate to bring them to Truss Vet. We frequently treat accidents or unexpected play injuries that result from dogs “overdoing it.” It’s all fun and games until someone takes someone else’s stick!

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